Documentary Monday

Regular screenings of documentary films attended by filmmakers

Documentary Monday is a long-term series of Monday screenings of selected documentary films in Prague’s art cinema Světozor, which, in the recent years, has been co-organised by Ji.hlava IDFF. The Světozor cinema thus offers monthly screenings under the auspices of Ji.hlava’s programme section, whose representatives select films to be shown on Documentary Mondays from among those presented at the previous edition of the Ji.hlava festival.

A week before the start of the next edition of Ji.hlava IDFF, the audience in Světozor can view an exclusive premiere of some of the new films that will be officially released in the upcoming festival week. A week after the end of the festival, documentary film fans will have the opportunity to enjoy a special screening of the winning film of the Czech Joy section shown as part of the Documentary Mondays project. The majority of the screenings organised by Ji.hlava IDFF are followed by Q&As with the filmmakers.

Current programme

Tze Woon Chan
Hong Kong, 2016, 133 min
Cantonese / English subtitles

The Hong Kong protests of 2014 known as the “Umbrella Revolution” were an expression of some people’s dissatisfaction with the restrictive interventions in local affairs by the Chinese government. The protestors, primarily young people, rejected the limitations on local autonomy made by the communist government. In his first-person participant documentary, director Tze-woon Chan and his hand-held camera become a part of events in the island city. Over the course of 20 chapters (or “memos”), the film’s young protagonists express their feelings and views of the revolution whose cruel historical momentum rolled right over them.