With my Heart in Yambo

Con mi Corazón en Yambo

Moje srdce je v Yamboo

  • Fernando Restrepo
  • Ecuador
  • 2011, 135 min
Script: Fernando Restrepo
Photography: Francois Laso, Cristna Salazar
Editing: Iván Mora Manzano, Carla Valencia Dávila
Sound: Estebanoise Braufer
Music: Daniel Pasquel
Color: Colour
Language: Spanish

One night, when director María Fernanda Restrepo was 10 years old, her two brothers disappeared. They were detained by the police, but it is not known what happened next. The police allegedly tortured and murdered them, dumping their bodies into Yambo Lake. Years later, the filmmaker has turned her trauma into a deeply personal documentary, conceived as a search both for her missing siblings as well as for the traces that the tragedy has left on her own life.  

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Festival edition: 2012
Sections: Special Events
Exhibition format: Blu-ray
Subtitle languages: English
Simultaneous interpreting: cz


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