Time Goes by Like a Roaring Lion

Die Zeit vergeht wie ein brüllender Löwe

Čas pádí jako řvoucí lev

  • Philipp Hartmann
  • Germany
  • 2013, 80 min
Script: Jan Eichberg, Philipp Hartmann
Photography: Helena Wittmann
Editing: Philipp Hartmann
Sound: Louis Fried
Actors, social actors: Philipp Hartmann, Jan Eichberg, Jo Brauner, Nina Petri, Olaf Weißenberg, Marianne Hartmann, Gerd Roscher
Color: Colour and B&W
Language: German
76.5 years – the average lifespan of a German man. 76.5 minutes – the length of this filmic essay on the nature of time. The filmmaker suffers from chronophobia, and he comes to terms with the painful passing of the years with the help of a collage of images and stories emphasizing concrete things. The film possesses an almost obsessive order: one minute, one year of life.

An arcane metal apparatus with a flash disappears in the stream of time like the famous DeLorean. In this “back to the future”, however, it is not cinematic magic. The private becomes the fantastic, and memories become sci-fi.

Photo Gallery

Philipp Hartmann
Fruchtallee 134, 20259 Hamburg, Germany
0049 163 2544427

Festival edition: 2013
Sections: Opus Bonum
Exhibition format: Blu-ray
Subtitle languages: English, German, Spanish, Portuguese


The author of the official spot is renowned director Jean-Luc Godard