Triangular Stories

Triangular Stories

Příběhy trojúhelníku

  • Henrike Naumann
  • Germany
  • 2012, 14 min
Script: Bastian Köpf
Photography: Daniel Carsenty
Editing: Philipp Wenning
Sound: Valentin Finke
Music: Bastian Hagedorn
Actors, social actors: Janina Stopper (actor - Beate), Michel Diercks (actor - Uwe), Maximilian Klas (actor - Böhni), Eva Vuillemin (actor - Bianca), Jan Dose (actor - Dave), Florian Lenz (actor - Sven)
Color: Colour
Language: German
A VHS installation from the realm of documentary film. The pair of home video recordings, both made in 1992, are shown on two separate monitors in order to provide an aestheticised trip back to the time when the reunified German was a fragile construct and young people succumbed to (self-)destruction.

VHS technology, prefab housing estates, the former East Germany, the sharp rise in neo-Nazism, the spread of hard drugs. Replace East Germany with Czechoslovakia and you see the shared experiences of the post-communist states.

Photo Gallery

Henrike Naumann
Mareschstr. 12
12055 Berlin, Germany

Festival edition: 2013
Sections: Short Joy
Exhibition format: HDCAM
Subtitle languages: No Subtitles


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