Czech Journal: Teaching War

Český žurnál: Výchova k válce

Český žurnál: Výchova k válce

Script: Adéla Komrzý
Photography: Adéla Komrzý, Filip Marek, Stanislav Adam
Editing: Mariana Kozáková
Sound: Adam Voneš
Producer, Co-producer: Vít Klusák (Hypermarket Film s.r.o.), Filip Remunda (Hypermarket Film s.r.o.), Petr Kubica (Česká televize)
Color: Colour
Language: Czech

This episode from the Czech Journal series examines how a military spirit is slowly returning to our society. Attempts to renew military training or compulsory military service and in general to prepare the nation for the next big war go hand in hand with society’s fear of the Russians, the Muslims, or whatever other “enemies”. This observational flight over the machine gun nest of Czech militarism becomes a grotesque, unsettling military parade. It can be considered not only to be a message about how easily people allow themselves to be manipulated into a state of paranoia by the media, but also a warning against the possibility that extremism will become a part of the regular school curriculum.

“In order to identify the reason for which people prepare for war in the name of peace, I have started to portray the rising military spirit in a kaleidoscopic image.”


Adéla Komrzý (1992) will finish her bachelor’s degree this year at FAMU. Her chapter from the documentary series Televizní oslava (2013, 2013 Jihlava IDFF) received the FITES jury award. Her other work includes a short film about a person afflicted with polio called Every Palsy Has its Silver Lining (2014, 2014 Jihlava IDFF) as well as her student films Komu na tom záleží, kdo koho sežere (2013), Hotel Atol**** (2013), and Moratorium Vondrejs (2014).

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ČESKÁ TELEVIZE / Petra Štovíková / Kavčí hory / 140 70 / Prague 4 / Czech Republic / /
Festival edition: 2016
Sections: Czech Joy, First Lights
Premiere Type: World Premiere
Exhibition format: DCP
30.10.2016 10:00
27.10.2016 23:00


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