Alas for the One Through Whom the Umbrage Comes

Běda tomu skrze něhož přichází pohoršení

Běda tomu skrze něhož přichází pohoršení

Script: Jan Kliment, Přemysl Freiman
Photography: Josef Robek
Editing: Miroslav Bárta, Marta Geržábková
Sound: Josef Franěk
Language: Czech

1 Číhošť 2 church, parish 3 peasant repairs wagon 4 staged mass, manipulated people 5 cross on the altar tilts 6 accusation: priest attached strings to cross 7 other strings connect church to the West 8 start of political trials, film is a part 9 communist newspapers write: we have our laws, our truth (not depicted: interrogations, torture, priest imprisoned, propaganda of ruling ideology) 20 Aggressive film shot under the auspices of the communist secret police takes advantage of tales of the miracle of Číhošť, presents it as a hoax, and launches a fierce attack on the Czech Catholic church.

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Festival edition: 2010
Sections: Into History Cruel-joyful 1950s
Exhibition format: 35 mm


Accompanying project of the Festival Identity workshop