Script: Karel Doing
Photography: Willy Mullens
Editing: Karel Doing
Sound: Michal Osowski
Color: Colour
Language: No dialogue

FilmDISINTEGRATION delves into images from the 1922 film Haarlem: old images of roads, rumbling traffic, a boat trip along the city’s canals. Time has left its mark on the film stock, and the master of found footage explores and analyzes the spatial relations of objects and examples of the film’s physical disintegration that interrupt the fluid motion of the film, this creating an alternative map of the city’s transformation.

Photo Gallery

Marta Jurkiewicz EYE Film Institute Netherlands Vondelpark 3 1071 AA Amsterdam Postbus 74782 1070 BT Amsterdam The Netherlands 020 - 7582351 (direct) 020 - 683 3401 (fax)
Festival edition: 2011
Sections: Fascinations
Exhibition format: 35 mm
Subtitle languages: No Subtitles


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