Madam Butterfly

Madame Butterfly

Madam Butterfly

  • Ming Liang Tsai
  • France
  • 36 min
Script: Tsai Ming Liang
Photography: Tsai Ming Liang
Editing: Anne Souriau
Sound: Cedric Deloche, Emmanuel Croset
Producer, Co-producer: Antoine Barraud
Color: Colour
Language: Malay

What is left from Puccini's opera is the basic situation of an abandoned woman who, in this version, finds herself at a vast bus station with no money where other things start happening. The director thus makes use of a documentary model in which the actor plays his/her initiatory role amidst unpredictable reality.

Festival edition: 2009
Sections: Special Events
Exhibition format: BetaSP PAL
Subtitle languages: English


Submission deadline:
September 15, 2015