Through a wide range of activities held in Switzerland and the Czech Republic, the DOC.STREAM Switzerland project aimed to interconnect the Czech and the Swiss film scene. This platform brought together film professionals from the two countries and offered a film programme showcasing contemporary Czech and Swiss student documentary production.

The project drew on the traditional international activities of Ji.hlava IDFF – the largest festival of creative documentary film in Central and Eastern Europe. Ji.hlava IDFF and its Industry Programme annually attract hundreds of Czech and foreign film professionals, thus drawing a link between the East and the West of Europe on an imaginary film map.

DOC.STREAM further expanded the range of these activities; however, its programme focused on one particular country and bilateral cooperation. DOC.STREAM Switzerland thus strengthened the ties between the Czech and the Swiss film scene, striving to develop the mutual relationship between the countries through various channels and activities.


CZ/Swiss Know-how Exchange

  • Prague, Jihlava // October 2015

  • Geneva, Nyon // April 2016

Five-day programme for Czech and Swiss professionals enabled representatives of film institutions from the two countries to look behind the scenes of key film institutions and to initiate future collaborations. The programme included the participation of representatives of Swiss institutions at the 19th Ji.hlava IDFF and the participation of representatives of Czech institutions at the 47th Visions du Réel in Nyon.


Swiss & Czech Connection

Ji.hlava IDFF // October 2015

  • Panel discussion: Sharing the Swiss Experience
    Representatives of key Swiss institutions concentrating on film as the main focus of their activities discussed the current trends in Swiss cinema with the public. Special attention has been paid to documentary production. This panel provided first-hand experience and different perspectives of these key players – including a film school, film fund, major documentary film festival, national archive, and others. Topics: How do all these institutions contribute to a healthy development of the film environment in Switzerland? What are the main challenges they face today?
  • Programme Section: Swiss Connection
    Cinéma du réel, or “cinema of reality”, offers formally and medially open cinematographic work oscillating around the film essay. Conceptual creator of cinéma du réel Jean Perret has chosen the best films from his students’ latest creations.
    Selected films: A Barca (Pablo Briones) / Floating Bridge of Heaven (Zahra Vargas) / Sundays with Traute (Raphaël Harari) / Signs and vibrations (Nalia Giovanoli) / Roger, Unknown Grandfather (Zoé Rossion) / Blazing Mounts (Laura Morales) / Tacacho (Felipe Monroy)

Nyon // April 2016

  • Programme Section: Czech Connection
    A selection of the most interesting documentary works produced by students of The Film and TV School of the Academy of Performing Arts (FAMU) in the recent years.
    Five Czech directors, FAMU students – Andran Abramjan, Tereza Bernátková Freyová, Petr Hátle, Anna Kryvenko and Greta Stocklassa was present in person to introduce their films and discuss them with the festival audience.


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The project was supported by the Partnership Fund of the Swiss-Czech Cooperation Programme.