DO V / 2007

chief editor and editor: Andrea Slováková
editorial board: Andrea Slováková, Petr Kubica, Marek Hovorka
cooperation: David Čeněk (consulting, Chris Marker), Melanie Schneider (text selection, Harun Farocki), Alice Lovejoy (proofreading, English section)
cover design and art editor: Juraj Horváth
technical editor: Pavel Novák
proofreading: Jiří Fogl
publisher: JSAF / Mezinárodní festival dokumentárních filmů Jihlava
year of publishing: 2007
number of pages: 208
ISBN: 978-80-87150-01-6


Price: 30


A film commentary as a thrilling epic poem with a refined yet exact language and chilling images behind the words; a confrontational search for the place and function of documentary film in Czech and Slovak society by means of statements by Karel Vachek, Věra Chytilová, Peter Kerekes and Zuza Piussi in a dramatic as well as meditative docu-collage; a theoretical description of the relation between image and sound in a detailed study; the first original Czech text about international coproduction in relation to Czech documentary film; diverse authors employing diverse languages while exploring documentary cinematography; diverse documentary themes inspiring analytical and critical thinking; such is the variety offered by the fifth DO anthology of critical and theoretical texts on documentary film. The Translucent Beings include leading French director Chris Marker and German essayist, director and visual artist Harun Farocki. The Theory section presents a translation of a text by significant American theorist Carl Plantinga. Last but not least, there is the English section for non-Czech readers.


p.7 Introduction (CZ)

p.11 On Retrospectives / Chris Marker (CZ)
p.13 Chris Marker – a Time Travel Reporter / Sylva Poláková (CZ)
p.21 La Jetée – Photo Novel by Chris Marker (CZ)
p.25 Cinema Marker / Samuel Douhaire and Annick Rivoire (CZ)
p.31 I Never Think of a Potential Viewer – Interview with Chris Marker about his film Level Five / Dolores Walfisch (CZ)

p.35 Harun Farocki: The Politics of the Image and Lessons in Vision / Pavel Bednařík (CZ)
p.47 Destructive Vision – Exact Observation / Arndt Beise (CZ)
p.51 Supervision, War, Montage / Rember Hüser (CZ)
p.67 Transverse Influence / Soft Montage / Harun Farocki (CZ)
p.73 Ceremonial Speech / Harun Farocki (CZ)
p.77 Representation Is Not a Simple Formula – Interview with Harun Farocki / Pavel Bednařík (CZ)

p. 81 Revolution in Hungarian Documentary – Hungarian Documentary Film after the Change of the Regime / Balázs Varga (CZ)
p.91 Czech and Slovak Docu-collage / Jan Gogola Jr. (CZ, SK)
p.97 Czech Creative Documentary Film and International Coproduction / Petr Šafařík (CZ)

p.121 Introduction to the Translation of Carl Plantinga / Kamila Boháčková (CZ)
p.123 Moving Pictures and the Rhetoric of Nonfiction: Two Approaches / Carl Plantinga (CZ)
p.139 Acusmetry – Michael Wetzel (CZ)
p.151 Who Thinks Whom? The World Thinks Us / Jean Baudrillard (CZ)

p.161 Sell Now, Pay Later / Veronika Klusáková (CZ)
p.165 Maghaz Masala / Jan Kršňák (CZ)

p.175 Harun Farocki: The Politics of the Image and Lessons in Vision / Pavel Bednařík (EN)
p.187 An Electronic Nomad Obsessed with the Truth and Memory / Chrism Marker (EN)
p.195 Do Not Accept Everything From the Media – Interview with François Jost / Veronika Klusáková, Andrea Slováková (EN)
p.199 The Philippines Are a TV Country – Interview with Khavn de la Cruz / Pavel Bednařík, Dunja Kusturica (EN)
p.203 Timo Novotny and the Anti-Film / Angus Reid (EN)
p.205 Impossible Home / Mike Hoolboom (EN)

p.207 Résumé (EN)