8th Ji.hlava International
DOcumentary Film Festival

October 26 – 31, 2004

The new market for documentary films from Central and Eastern Europe called East Silver met with a favourable response of TV station representatives, film festivals, directors, producers and journalists. The festival’s visual artist Juraj Horváth made the figure of an inflatable blond-haired Star into one of the emblems of the festival. The festival expanded its publishing activities; it added a second edition to the first revue for documentary film „do“, published the first Czech edition of the history of world documentary Le Documentaire, un autre cinéma in cooperation with AMU Press and contributed to the publishing of the first book by director Karel Vachek The Theory of Matter. Special supplements about the festival were published in Czech weeklies as well as in Austria’s Der Standard, Poland’s Rzeczpospolita, Hungary’s Nepsábátzág and Slovakia’s Sme. Filip Remunda and Vít Klusák received the Czech Joy Award and the Audience Award for their Czech Dream.


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