13th Ji.hlava International
Documentary Filma Festival

October 27 – November 1, 2009

The poster of the 13th festival edition called for renovation. Renovation of the society, of our mindset, and of the world. Over 200 films were shown, whose protagonists included Dutch gangsters, Iranian emigrants, Chinese democrats, American businessmen, Japanese entomology fans, Czech bikers and fading celluloid frames. East Silver market promoting Eastern European films opened the doors of its video-library. The main festival star and the single juror of the Opus Bonum competition section, legendary Danish director, poet, writer and commentator of Danish sports channel Jørgen Leth granted the Best World Documentary Award for 2009 to Iranian director Tamadon Mehran and his film Bassidji. Jihlava hosted the world’s most acknowledged documentary theoretician, Bill Nichols. The festival newly conquered Jihlava’s homes through a series of screenings that kicked off under the banner of “Your Home Festival”. At one of these, the audience could admire also the cooking skills of Slovak director Peter Kerekes.


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