17th Ji.hlava International
Documentary FIlm Festival

24. – 29. 10. 2013

Aside from a rich documentary crop, festival visitors could rejoice over the fruits of Czech parliamentary elections, being continuously updated on their results. The 17th edition of the festival offered an on-line version of the festival daily, dok.revue, informing visitors about past festival events.  A great poet of world animation, Yuri Norstein, arrived to present his masterclass and launch the release of the Czech translation of his unique book Snow on the Grass. The Inspiration Forum hosted Bosnian visual artist, Šelja Kamerić, and former prisoner, Moazzam Begg. Filmmakers allowed festival visitors and film professionals to peek behind the scenes of their work as part of the new Work in Progress programme. The Contribution to World Cinema went to the “rough diamond of Czech New Wave” – Jan Němec. 


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