6th edition
Jihlava IDFF / October 24
28, 2017
Berlin / February 6 - 9, 2018

A promotional and educational project which brings together talented European documentary film producers.

The aim of the project, which consists of two sessions (in Jihlava and Berlin) is to point out young talents, provide young talented producers from European countries with access to information in the field of audiovision and thus increase the potential of future European coproductions.


13th edition / Karlovy Vary IFF / July 4, 2017

Docu Talents @KVIFF introduces the most remarkable creative documentary projects from Central and Eastern Europe in the stage of production or post-production.


7th edition / Jihlava IDFF / October 25 29, 2017

The first project of its kind for discovering new topics in documentary films. A five-day meeting of selected directors from around the world and significant personalities from outside the film community; scientists, writers, visual artists, philosophers.


8th edition / Jihlava IDFF / October 26 – 28, 2017

The unique meeting for representatives of film festivals of various types and programme orientation including special presentation called Festival Hub, powered by PechaKucha.


3rd edition / Jihlava IDFF / October 25, 2017

An international conference meeting of experimental documentary film distributors. Its ambition is to promote Central and Eastern European films internationally and to facilitate collaboration with experienced distributors and festivals abroad.


5th edition / Jihlava IDFF / October 24 29, 2017

A platform for film professionals from Visegrad countries aims to discover and support new talents from Central Europe, introduce them to the international industry community and thus accelerate their creative growth.


7th edition / Jihlava IDFF / October 24 29, 2017

The Festival Identity meeting is accompanied by a publicly accessible competition of the newest festival posters from around the world. The jury is comprised of film festival representatives participating in the Festival Identity meeting.


14th edition / Jihlava IDFF / October 24 29, 2017

East Silver Market is a unique film market dedicated solely to the documentary cinema of Central and Eastern Europe. The main aim of the market is to support distribution and promotion of documentary films from this region. East Silver Market is organized by the Institute of Documentary Film; the main partner of the project is Jihlava IDFF.


15th edition / Jihlava IDFF / October 24 29, 2017

Established in 2003 as the very first training initiative for East European creative documentary film, Ex Oriente Film is an international workshop dedicated to the development and funding of creative documentary films in Central and Eastern Europe. Ex Oriente Film is organized by the Institute of Documentary Film.