Conference Fascinations

Conference on experimental film distribution

The Ji.hlava International Documentary Film Festival (Ji.hlava IDFF) organises a conference meeting for experimental documentary film distributors, gallerists and festival representatives. The Conference Fascinations in 2015 brought together and introduced representatives of major experimental film distribution companies from all over the world, The Conference Fascinations 2016 focused on the curatorship aspect in relation to specialised festivals and the presentation and ways of providing, evaluating and presenting works in gallery spaces. We discussed the institutional-commercial aspect of presentation and dissemination of this type of works. 

The discussion in 2017 revolved especially around seeking and promoting new talents. Experimental films and videos dispose of their own presentation channels and are also included in programmes of more broadly focused festivals and exhibitions. However, “big names” offer a certain preferred styles, sought-after forms of work with moving images. New authors who have not yet established themselves on the festival or gallery scene find it difficult to make their mark on the experimental scene. How do galleries, festivals and film distributors scout for “their” new talents? Do they have the ambition to set new trends, and search for new styles and forms of moving images? What possibilities can up-and-coming authors use to reach their audiences, to introduce their work?

In 2015, notable international distributors became acquainted with the Czech experimental scene, and in 2016 an introduction was made about the historical era of totalitarian communist regime and the underground and experimental cinema in Eastern Europe. In 2017, gallerists, distributors and festival programmers got acquainted with experimental production of the Balkans from the same period. Representatives of distribution companies, festivals and galleries are also being presented with Czech experimental documentaries ( competition section). 

The Ji.hlava IDFF has become the first platform enabling a systematic presentation of Czech experimental films (notably works referring to    reality and including documentary features), at the same time continuously focusing on Eastern European cinema; the festival’s ambition is to promote Czech and European films internationally and to facilitate collaboration between Czech filmmakers and distributors, galleries and festivals and with those active abroad.

Among the participants of the Conference Fascinations in 2017 were again representatives of leading distribution companies and galleries – such as Josh Siegel (The Museum of Modern Art – MoMA), Koyo Yamashita (Image Forum,  Japan) or Charlene Dinhut (Centre Pompidou, France).


CONFERENCE FASCINATIONS / 4th edition / October 25 – 30, 2018 / Ji.hlava IDFF

WORKING LANGUAGE / English without interpreting


SUBMISSION OPENING / to be announced

SUBMISSIONS DEADLINE / Septmeber 15, 2015 

CONTACT / Jarmila Outratová / Head of Industry Office /