Emerging Producers 2014

Filip Antoni Malinowski


In 2001, he started to study film-science at the University in Vienna, in 2004 entered the film class of Harun Farocki at the Academy of Fine Arts in Vienna. His first feature film was released in 2008, when he co-founded Soleil Film, a film studio in Vienna. Since then he has been a producer of five feature length films, and his last documentary, which he also directed, received numerous prizes and was screened at 27 film festivals including theatrical release in Austria and Poland.


Waiting for the Moon directed by Jürgen Karasek, feature documentary, 76 mins, Austria, 2008
Love Trips directed by Carlo Pisani, feature documentary, 70 mins, Austria/Switzerland, 2011
Resettlement directed by Filip Antoni Malinowski, feature documentary, Austria/Poland, 2012
H I Jew Positive directed by Ronit Kertsner, feature documentary, Israel/Poland/Austria, 2013
Novemberlights directed by Jürgen Karasek, short film, 30 min, Austria, 2013
Lorm’s Alphabet directed by Pavel Jurda, feature documentary, Czech Republic/Austria/Germany, 2014
My Animated Childhood directed by Carlo Pisani and Filip Antoni Malinowski, feature documentary, Austria/Czech Republic/Norway, 2014

Projects in Development

Soleil Film works on four feature projects right now. My Animated Childhood in co-prod with Jiri Konecny about a socialist made cartoon-series. Sounds of Palestine about Palestinian musicians. Lorm’s Alphabet in co-prod with Radim Prochazka about the language of deaf-blind people and Musikanten about street musicians across Europe.

Soleil Film
Linke Wienzeile 142/13, A-1060 Wien, Austria
Contact number: +436 508 204 846
E-mail address: office@soleilfilm.at
Website: www.soleilfilm.at


Personal Questionaire

  • Favourite Song: Radiohead: Reckoner
  • Favourite Artist: Krzysztof Warlikowski
  • Favourite Book: Hermann Hesse: Steppenwolf
  • Favourite Colors: Marine Blue & Yellow
  • Favourite Films:

Forget Me Not / David Sieverking / 2013
The Act of Killing / Joshua Oppenheimer / 2012
The War on Democracy / John Pilger / 2007
What Happened to Our Dream of Freedom / Adam Curtis / 2007
The Return / Andrey Zvyagintsev / 2003
Dolls / Takeshi Kitano / 2002
Louder Than Bombs / Przemyslaw Wojcieszek / 2001
Tuvalu / Veit Helmer / 1999
The End of Violence / Wim Wenders / 1997
No End / Krzysztof Kieslowski / 1985
The Mother and the Whore / Jean Eustache / 1973
Metropolis / Fritz Lang / 1927