Emerging Producers 2015

Dionne Walker

United Kingdom

Over the last 18 years, Dionne Walker has been curating and producing debate series and independent film projects. In the past, Dionne worked with directors and producers as one of London location coordinators and facilitated major blockbuster films such as Mummy Returns, V for VendettaEyes Wide ShutHere After, etc. She is currently the lead producer of the feature length documentary The Hard Stop directed by George Amponsah. Dionne is a recent Sundance Institute Creative Producing Summit fellow and she is currently developing the hybrid feature documentary Invisible Woman 2.0.


Down by Law directed by George Amponsah, 90 mins, United Kingdom, 2015; lead producer
The Fighting Spirit directed by George Amponsah, 85 mins, Ghana, United Kingdom, U.S. A. , 2007; associate producer

Projects in Development

Dvrseworld.org is currently developing a hybrid observational documentary Down by Law which features lives of two friends as they struggle to come to terms with the death of their friend, Mark Duggan, who was killed whilst being arrested by armed police in Tottenham. Down by Law, project in production/post-production, 2015. Another project by Dvrseworld.org, titled Invisible Woman 2.0, is in the early development phase and planned for 2016/17. It covers the life of Grace, who was trafficked from Nigeria do Paris, where she works legally now as a sex worker to repay over 45,000 euro for the cost of her papers, passport and visa.

Production Company: dvrseworld.org
Studio 5, 155 Commercial Street, London, E1 685
Contact number: +447858898137
E-mail address: Dionne.walker@diverseworld.org.uk
Website: www.diverseworld.org.uk


Personal Questionaire

  • Favourite Artist: George Amponsah
  • Favourite Book: Arrival City - How the largest migration history is reshaping our world by Doug Sanders
  • Favourite combination of 2 Colours: neon and yellow
  • One animal which best represents you: Lion
  • A motto/quotation defining your approach to filmmaking: "Take the risk, be original."
  • One word significant for your work: Fresh
  • One favourite object: The jaguar XK8 convertible – a design of art
  • Favorite films watched recently:

Her / Spike Jonze / 2013
Fruitvale Station / Ryan Coogler / 2013
Stuart Hall Project / John Akomfrah / 2013
The Great Hip Hop Hoax / Jeanie Finlay / 2013
Drive / Nicolas Winding Refn / 2011
Daisies / Věra Chytilová / 1966

  • Favourite song: Bob Marley: No Woman No Cry