Emerging Producers 2015

Josephine Landertinger Forero


Josephine Landertinger Forero studied Film and Communication at the Freie Universität Berlin focusing on Documentary Film, Performance Art, Neorealism and the Colombian armed conflict. Completed the Journalisten Akademie and a film script course from EICTV Cuba. Scholar of the Humanity in Action, human rights programme. Several years working as a producer and director, including at a German NGO. Here she was also a Gender Rights Commissioner. Founded Global Eyes Production to produce films for an international market about identity, migration/integration, gender equality and human rights.


Grenzenlos (Boundless) directed by Josephine Landertinger Forero, 45 mins, Germany, 2011; director, creative producer
Orte der Demokratie (Places of Democracy) directed by Josephine Landertinger Forero, 6 x 20 mins, Germany, 2010; director, creative producer
Unsere 60er Jahre (Our 60ies) directed by Michael Wulfes, 6 x 45 mins, Germany, 2007; archival research

Projects in Development

Searching for Home is a 75 mins documentary in production, a personal documentary about my mother who has lived in eight countries; a Colombian-Portuguese co-production with a planned premiere for fall 2015 supported by ProImágenes Colombia, crowdfunded through Verkami.
Island: Disappearing! is 80 mins project in development; a documentary about social inequality and racial discrimination on an island in Colombia.
My Apartheid is a 75 mins project in development; a personal documentary about my childhood in Lesotho and South Africa.

Production Company: Global Eyes Production
Calle 166 # 20 – 60 Bogota, Colombia
E-mail address: info@globaleyes-production.com
Website: www.globaleyes-production.com, josephine-lf.com


Personal Questionaire

  • Favourite Artist: Marina Abramović
  • Favourite Book: Historias da Terra e do Mar by Sophia de Mello Breyner Andresen
  • Favourite combination of 2 Colours: Turquoise and Emerald
  • One animal which best represents you: Swimming Sea Turtle
  • A motto/quotation defining your approach to filmmaking: "Be patient. Take it easy!"
  • One word significant for your work: Boundless
  • One favourite object: Book
  • Favourite Films:

Man Without Movement / Britt Hansen / 2013
Yama No Anata (Beyond the Mountains) / Aya Koretzky / 2011
Nacer – Diario de Maternidad / Jorge Caballero Ramos / 2012
También la lluvia / Icíar Bollaín / 2010
Magnolia / Paul Thomas Anderson / 1999
Wolfsgrub / Nicolas Humbert / 1986
Sans toit ni loi / Agnès Varda / 1985
Le déjeuner sur l'herbe / Jean Renoir / 1959
Roma città aperta / Roberto Rossellini / 1945
Ossessione / Luchino Visconti / 1943
Berlin – Die Sinfonie der Großstadt / Walter Ruttmann / 1927
La glu / Alice Guy-Blaché / 1907

  • Favourite song: Mayra Andrade: Lua