Emerging Producers 2018

Ülo Pikkov

Country: Estonia | Year of birth: 1976 

Ülo Pikkov is an internationally renowned filmmaker, producer and film scholar. He studied animation at the Turku Arts Academy and since 1996 has directed several award-winning animation films. Ülo is the author of the legendary textbook Animasophy (2010). Currently he is completing his PhD studies at the Estonian Academy of Arts and working as a manager and producer for documentary and animation films at Silmviburlane in Tallinn.


Flowers From The Mount Of Olives, directed by Heilika Pikkov, documentary, 70 min, Estonia, 2013; producer.

Body Memory, directed by Ülo Pikkov, puppet film, 10 min, Estonia, 2011; director.


Projects in Development

Letting Go, animated short documentary. In production, with premiere in 2017.

Roots, a collection of short documentaries. In production, with premiere in 2018.

Why Not To Go Then?, mid-length documentary. In production, with premiere in 2018.


Production Company

Name: Silmviburlane
Address: Silla 5, 11616, Tallinn, Estonia
Contact number: +37 256 484 693
E-mail address: ylo@silmviburlane.ee​
Website: www.silmviburlane.ee​


Personal Questionaire

Favourite Book: 1984 by George Orwell
Animal: Woodpecker
Artist: Hieronymus Bosch
Approach to Filmmaking: I’m interested in opening up and coming to terms with memories, dreams, experiences and traumas through film; in film as a form of meditation and self- discovery.
One Word: Magic
Combination of 2 Colours: Black & White
Object: A chestnut
Dream: I can not describe any dream at the moment, but sometimes I am barking at night and I also see ads between my dreams.

Admired Films:

Dead Man / Jim Jarmusch / 1995
Leningrad Cowboys Go America / Aki Kaurismäki / 1994
Satan's Tango / Béla Tarr / 1994
My Neighbor Totoro / Hayao Miyazaki / 1988
Stalker /Andrei Tarkovsky / 1979
An Andalusian Dog / Luis Buñuel / 1929
Metropolis / Fritz Lang / 1927

Favourite song: Arvo Pärt: Ukuaru valss