Winners of Jihlava IDFF 2013

List of awards presented at the 17th Jihlava IDFF

The 17th Jihlava IDFF was topped off with the Closing Ceremony presenting the competition section winners, audience awards and the Silver Eye Award. The ceremony was traditionally staged by the Vosto5 ensemble. The presentation of awards was followed by the premiere of the long-awaited Czech-Polish film Return of Agnieszka H. by Krystyna Krauze and Jack Petrycki.


OPUS BONUM – Best World Documentary Film Award

Member of the jury: Craig Baldwin

Statement of the jury: It is a happy development indeed when we see the revolution in the technical possibilities of documentary production – information gathering, witnessing and reportage – so bound up with the concurrent manifestation of political liberation, when populations have not only come to a sharpened awareness of their oppression, but also at the same time, the means by which they can record it, communicate it, and propose to change it. This year’s winner is a film which in turned saddened me, frightened me, outraged me, inspired me, and ultimately made me truly proud to be a part of the democratic project and the struggle for human dignity. The Opus Bonum Award goes to Peter Snowdon’s profoundly compelling compilation of amateur footage from the Arab spring The Uprising.

CZECH JOY – Best Czech Documentary Film Award

Members of the jury: Lukáš Kokeš, Klára Tasovská, Radek Cihla, Katarína Ruschková

Statement of the jury: Through an essayist form and clearly playful association montage of random everyday scenes the film To Rule, to Work, to Earn, to Pray, to Collapse creates a concise metaphor about a universal topic of collapse of the existing social system.

For its specific visual language the exploration of which pushes the established boundaries of what we are still willing to accept as “documentary film” and in terms of the Czech context represents a significant attempt to set off in a different direction in approaching the documentary method of representation of reality.


FASCINATIONS – Best Experimental Documentary Film Award

Members of the jury: Martin Čihák, Alma Františka Čiháková Delgado, Laura Victoria Delgado, Matěj Čihák

Statement of the jury: In view of the essential incommensurability of the film and digital image, the Jury decided to give out two awards:

One goes to the film Song (dir. Nathaniel Dorsky) for the fascination with the film image and the uniquely elaborated composition resonance between the nature of light-seeking film material and the potential of film silence.

And the second goes to the opus Exterior Extended (dir. Siegfried Alexander Fruhauf) for the fascination with digital image and for drawing attention to the processes extending the perception of illusionist images and the ability to arrange the composition and meaning-conveying whole with a profound physiological impact on the spectators.

BETWEEN THE SEAS – Best Central and Eastern European Documentary Film

Members of the jury: Dudley Andrew, Lordan Zafranovič, Gwenaël Breës, Özge Calafato

Statement of the jury: The jury was happily presented with a spectrum of films made this year between the seas. We were excited by films that gave new form to social issues, as well as to abiding human concerns. We were heartened by the energy and boldness of cinema in this region of the world.

Even among so much quality and variety, we are pleased to accord the Jury's Special Mention to an astounding film that picks up the tradition of compelling investigative journalism that has its origin in Marcel Ophuls’ Chagrin et la pitié and extends it into pressing social issues in the region today. We salute Robert Kirtschhoff for Normalization, for the tenacity and ingenuity of his pursuit of justice and of a form of cinema capable of rendering it.

Our Best Film award goes to a work that pushes the boundaries of genres to reach for new realms of cinematic experience, at once sensual and iconoclastic. This film defies all norms of production in order to speak with artistic freedom about a social freedom to come. We salute Željka Suková and Gustavo Beck for having struggled together to create Winter I Miracle, a film whose exuberant geography and more exuberant cinematography should invigorate all of us in Jihlava as spectators and as artists. Long live Jihlava.


  • Jan Němec


  • Audience Award: Show! (dir.: Bohdan Bláhovec)

We are also pleased to announce that the film will be released in cinemas by the Association of Czech Film Clubs.



  • Festival Identity: Dok Leipzig
  • Audience Award: Anifilm


For the 5th time, the Institute of Documentary Film will present the Silver Eye Award for the best documentary films included in the East Silver market. The idea behind the award is to attract attention to unique films from the Central and Eastern European region and to help nominated films to find sales agents or film festival and TV releases. The winners will receive a prize money of 1 500 EUR and  one-year festival service at the amount of 2 500 EUR together with a trophy by Tereza Durdilová. The award is sponsored by the International Visegrad Fund and the MEDIA programme.

Winners of individual categories:

  • Best short-length documentary: Previous Scenes (dir.: Aleksandra Maciuszek)
  • Best mid-length documentary: Joanna (dir.: Aneta Kopacz)
  • Best feature-length documentary: 727 Days without Karamo (dir.: Anja Salomonowitz)
  • Special Mention: The Art of Disappearing (dir.: Bartosz Konopka, Piotr Rosolowski)

The winning films were selected by a jury composed of representatives of TV stations, sales agents and film festivals:

Short-length documentaries: Monika Mikušová (RTVS, Slovakia), Veton Nurkollari (Dokufest, Kosovo), Donatien Pierda (Java Films, France)
Mid-length documentaries: Youn Ji (Autlook Filmsales, Austria), Hanka Kastelicová (HBO Europe, Hungary), Charlie Phillips (Sheffield Doc/fest, UK)
Feature-length documentaries: Jan Daae (DR TV, Denmark), Elena Fortes (Ambulante Film Festival, Mexico), Irena Taskovski (Taskovski Films, UK)