Game Zone for the first time in Jihlava

Come to our Game Zone and choose to play, for example, Czechoslovakia 38-89: Assassination, a game combining elements of adventure and a comic that won the Czech Game of the Year Award: Best Czech Gaming Debut 2015

At the end of October, a part of Jihlava’s Masaryk Square will turn into publically accessible Game Zone providing festival visitors with the opportunity to play ten exceptional computer games and an application employing artificial intelligence. On its 20th anniversary, the Jihlava International Documentary Film Festival teamed up with Dell and Intel, two companies that will greatly contribute with their capacities and equipment to the installation of ten state-of-the-art play stations.

“This year, we are bringing a truly wide range of games that relate – like documentary films – to reality or that play an educational role in varied areas and fields. Educational games are as old as PC games. In an attractive way, they help you train certain competences and to gain new knowledge. However, many of them are not only sophisticated educational instruments but also elaborated and aesthetically exceptional works. The Jihlava IDFF is also interested in documentary games, or the so-called newsgames, that work with real events, environments, stories, thus providing another option of analytically and critically relating to society,” explains Game Zone’s curator and the festival’s programme composer Andrea Slováková.

Game Zone will provide an interactive space inviting festival visitors to explore the Milky Way, to experience Iranian revolution in Teheran, snow blizzard in an Eskimo village and war situations from a civilian perspective. The visitors will be able to see for themselves that biology, mathematics and history can be fun and that educational games can also train your economical and spatial thinking.

The selected gaming titles include the Czech project, Czechoslovakia 38-89: Assassination, a winner of the prestigious award in the international competition for the best educational game of the year announced by Games Learning Society Showcase 2015 and the Czech Game of 2015 title, as well as the visually stunning simulator Elite: Dangerous, a simulation of life in an Eskimo village called Never Alone and the popular Portal 2 improving logical and spatial thinking.

Game Zone will be situated on Jihlava’s Masaryk Square from October 25 to 30 in specially designed glass City modules supplied by KOMA Modular which made its mark last year with the construction of the Czech Expo pavilion in Milan in Italy. The admission to Game Zone is free.