Seminar of creative writing on documentary films

The 11th edition of Media and Documentary seminar at Ji.hlava IDFF will be held from October 25 to October 29, 2017

In order to produce a critical reflection, review, annotation, blog, or any more or less specialised text on documentary filmmaking, a writer needs not only to have good literary composition skills but also be able to critically reflect on the broadest historical, social and media context and other fields of knowledge. A quality media reflection on documentary film is an important means of promoting the development of documentary cinema which often initiates debates across all spheres of society. Our seminar will again provide the students with the opportunity to work under the supervision of experienced Czech and international mentors and learn how to look at documentary films from various perspectives, subject them to analysis, and find and formulate arguments that can best support their main propositions.

The Media and Documentary creative writing seminar is an opportunity for students of journalism, film studies, and other disciplines in the field of humanities and social sciences to work under leading critics and theoreticians in order to practice their writing skills in the areas of film and festival reviews. Lectures by leading Czech journalists will introduce students to various forms of critical review and the pitfalls and advantages of the various genres (reviews in daily newspapers or trade journals, commentaries, blogs, essays) when the subject in question is a documentary film or a film festival. Lectures by foreign instructors will open further topics related to covering documentary film in the media and provide an insight into the international context of writing about film.

Subsequently, the students will attend festival screenings and the accompanying programme, meet with directors and film professionals, and pay close attention in order to write their texts. On the final day of the festival, they will meet with their instructors one more time in order to analyse their writing in small groups. Those who are attending the seminar as an elective university course (four Czech universities and a Slovak one have included the seminar as an elective subject and as part of the credit system) will subsequently present their final text to their instructor and supervising pedagogue.

The participants of the seminar will get the PRESS accreditation for free as well as low-budget accommodation (to be covered by the students).


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