Moving images in a gallery take us on a tour of distant places, from an oil refinery to an icy lake. Montages build an emphatic iconography of an era, time-lapse images depict rugged  landscapes and astronomical phenomena. A special section is devoted to depictions of the sea as part of a fascinating retrospective.



Just Ancient Loops

Bill Morrison / 2012 / 26 min / USA

Drawing  from the early era of cinema, the film archaeologist engages in a concentrated study of damaged film to emphasis the limits of film memory. The nitrate frames were scanned and digitally manipulated.

Memento mori

Dan Browne / 2012 / 28 min / Canada

The urban and natural landscape, quick edits of photographs, the picture becomes dirty and grows clear again, bells toll and a choir sings, water covers the trees, the human hand the landscape.

Petroleum Light

Nicholas Nedelkopoulos / 2012 / 7 min / Australia

An oil refinery at the close of the day. This visual poem by a legend of Australian experimental film is an homage to Australian artist Jacek Grzelecki.

Concrete Parlay

Fern Silva / 2012 / 18 min / USA

Iconic objects of the human and natural world, from pyramids to symbols of political resistance, in a visual meditation on the kinetic nature of existence and internal and external movements.

The Transits of Venus

Nicky Hamlyn / 2012 / 6 min / Canada

When Venus passes between the Earth and the Sun, we can see it for several hours as a small black dot moving across the sun’s glowing disc.


Makino Takashi / 2012 / 35 min / Japan

Meticulous work with material; broken film creates a natural world with the addition of rain; a steep path among the shadows is a visually absorbing adventure.


Martin Krupa / 2013 / 2 min / Česká republika

The fluency and dream-like character of the depicted unfinished daily routines creates the illusion of continuity and meaningfulness of thoughts and actions.



Reign of Silence

Lukas Marxt / 2013 / 8 min / Austria

A person’s movements enter into the silent wasteland; a motorboat unexpectedly appears on a mountain lake, leaving behind a spiral trace.


Annja Krautgasser / 2009 / 13 min / Austria

A condensed summary of a day on the beach, observed from a distance. The sea recedes and returns, and miniature figures move along the sandy shore.

Palinuro Remix

Nol de Koning / 1989 / 33 min / Netherlands

Darkness slices into the moon; the outlines of three windows cut out details of the landscape and sea that, with the falling dusk, are brought to life by the flashes of light from a lighthouse.

24 / 7 (Into the Direction of Light)

Michael Aschauer / 2008 / 9 min / Austria

Seven days of uninterrupted filming on the Greek island of Syros resulted in footage whose animation creates a cinematic fissure between time and space.



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